Памятник располагается к северо-западу от Большого синташтинского кургана. Курган исследовался в 1970-80-е годы В.Ф. Генингом, Г.Б. Здановичем и В.В. Генингом и был отнесен к эпохе раннего железного века.


Rymninskiy Kurgan 5

The kurgan, which is located to the northwest of the BSK, was excavated in the 1970s by the archaeological expedition of the Ural State University, directed by V.F. Gening.

The graves were disturbed and robbed. All that remained intact were Late Bronze Age ceramic fragments.

In 2022-2023 the Charitable Foundation “Arkaim” jointly with the “Arkaim” Reserve carried out the “Sintashta Phenomenon” project supported by the Russian Federation Presidential Grant Fund. In the course of the project the old excavations were backfilled, thereby forming a mound 25 m in diameter and 1.5 m high.


Kurgan recultivation

25 m mound diameter – Kurgan’s recultivation resulted in a mound 25 m in diameter

1.5 m mound height – The height of the artificial mound is more than 1.5 m